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Data Protection Policy

    Data Protection Policy


    MS Westfalia GmbH is committed to protecting the privacy rights of everyone whose personal data is processed by MS Westfalia GmbH. Therefore within this Data Protection Policy we will answer the important questions in relation to the processing of your data in this Policy.

    This Policy applies to the websites of MS Westfalia GmbH and to the websites of all companies affiliated with MS Westfalia GmbH who are referring to this Policy on their websites. It does not apply to MS Westfalia GmbH websites referring to their own Data Protection Policy.

    Please refer to our Provider Identification for information on the data controller as defined under Data Protection law (for those users from the European Union: Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

    What are my data protection rights?


    You have the right:

    • to request information about the data MS Westfalia GmbH has stored on you
    • to have MS Westfalia GmbH correct, delete, block, or transfer your personal data, provided it is legally permissible for us to do so and also from a contractual perspective we are able to do this. We will block any data you ask us to delete if we are required by law to retain it
    • to object to the use of your personal data
    • to directly contact the competent supervisory authority in the event of a complaint


    Whom can I contact at MS Westfalia GmbH if I have any questions about data protection?

    Please feel free to contact our Group Data Protection Officer with your questions about the processing of your personal data and to request information, correction, or deletion.

    By e-mail:

    By mail:

    MS Westfalia GmbH
    Junkersring, 54, D-53844 Troisdorf

    What data from me does MS Westfalia GmbH process?


    For technical reasons, we have to collect and store certain data when you access our website. We use this data to technically manage our websites.

    We collect and store the following data when you access our website:

    • date and duration of your visit
    • the websites you visited
    • data identifying the browser and type of operating system you use
    • the details of the website you have visited before visiting our website (when available)

    In addition, further data is collected using a log file, that is an automatic record of all or selected activities on a computer system. This means that data is automatically stored in log files on our servers every time you access one of our websites and every time you open a file on one of our websites.

    Log files record the following data:

    • your computer’s IP address
    • authentication fields
    • date and time of access
    • access method
    • content of the HTML access
    • web server’s status code
    • information about the browser being used and your operating system

    We also process personal data that you voluntarily share with us as part of a contract, a survey, in the processing of your request, or your registration, or when you log in. You can find out more under the section “For what purposes does MS Westfalia GmbH use my data?”

    Does MS Westfalia GmbH use cookies?


    MS Westfalia GmbH aims to constantly improve its websites and online services. We therefore process information about our websites’ visitors and our marketing campaign participants. To do so, we use various kinds of cookies.

    What are cookies?

    A cookie allows a web server to store text information (e.g., a unique ID) on your computer. As a rule, cookies are used to identify you the next time you visit our websites. The cookie is either sent from the web server to the browser or is created with client-side scripting (such as JavaScript). The cookie information is stored locally on your computer and is usually valid for a limited period.

    Websites with Flash media write user-specific data on your computer and read them again later. These files are called Flash cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSO). They are not managed by the web browser itself, but by its respective Flash Player plug-in. Flash cookies are subject to the same rules as conventional cookies. They can be read only by the website that initiated storage of the Flash cookie. However, the amount of information they can store is much greater.

    Can I use MS Westfalia GmbH websites without cookies?

    You can use our websites without cookies. Browsers usually offer a wide range of settings to control the use of cookies. You can also deactivate the storage of cookies or restrict the acceptance of cookies to certain websites. Another option would be to set your browser so that it notifies you as soon as a cookie is sent.

    However, because cookies also control website content, you should expect restrictions in the display of the page or in user navigation if you deactivate this function. Linked websites may use cookies without us being able to inform you about their use first.

    What tools does MS Westfalia GmbH use for analysis and marketing?


    When you visit our website, information about its use is automatically collected. This information is important to MS Westfalia GmbH because it is the only way for us to find out what content on our websites is interesting to you and how we can continue to improve our services for you in the future. This user data is stored to measure our websites’ performance.

    For what purposes does MS Westfalia GmbH use my data?


    We collect and process data solely for purposes defined in advance, which may result from technical necessity, contractual stipulations, or express user requests. Furthermore, we will only use your data if you have given your advance consent for us to do so. Some of our online services, such as our applicant portal, are available only to registered users who have logged in as such. This registration is used to manage your ability to access and use the respective functions. We will request the personal data that is collected and stored when you log in as part of the respective online service.

    Please see below or consult the terms of use of the respective online services for more information about the storage, processing, and purpose of collecting your data.

    MS Westfalia GmbH collects your data for the following purposes

    Security in handling personal data

    Your data will be automatically encrypted during transmission. The steps we take to secure your data are always in line with the latest technology.

    Online test for trainees (Germany)

    To assess your aptitude as part of our application process for trainees, MS Westfalia GmbH will process the following personal applicant data as part of an online test:

    • personal master data (e.g., first and last name, address, date of birth)
    • communication data (e.g., e-mail address, telephone number)
    • data on personal structure and cognitive abilities based on answers given during the online test


    This data will be deleted after completion of the application process. The aforementioned time limits for the deletion of data nevertheless also apply to the applicant’s user account.

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is the following declaration of consent given by you within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR:

    Processing of personal data: Yes, I agree that MS Westfalia GmbH processes my personal data for processing my application in accordance with the data protection declaration.

    E-mail marketing

    Have you signed up for one of our newsletters or stated your interest in information from MS Westfalia GmbH in another context (e.g., when filling out a contact form)? If this is the case we are then able to use your e-mail address to send you information (e.g., invitations to events, webinars, or product information) on the basis of your interests. You may object to the use of your data at any time if you are no longer interested in our information. To do so, simply click the “Unsubscribe” link in the respective newsletter.

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is the declaration of consent given by you within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

    Contacting you

    Have you used one of our contact forms to request information about products and services from MS Westfalia GmbH? Generally speaking, we use the data you state in the form to process your request. You can also give us your separate consent before sending your contact request if you are also interested in additional information, such as invitations to events, webinars, or product information. 

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is the declaration of consent given by you within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

    Provision of goods or services

    When you order goods or services from MS Westfalia GmbH, we use the personal data you provide to us to process your order or deliver the requested goods. We may also use the personal data you provided to carry out the necessary steps prior to concluding the contract, answer your related questions, send shipping and billing information and processing or providing of customer feedback and support.

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is the performance of a contract or the planned conclusion of a contract within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

    Customer satisfaction surveys

    Have you recently purchased a MS Westfalia GmbH product or sent in a repair? We are very interested in finding out whether you were satisfied with the service we provided and whether we can do anything differently in the future. We therefore use the contact data shared in this context to contact a group of customers selected at random following our interaction with them. To contact customers, MS Westfalia GmbH may sometimes use external service providers with whom corresponding data protection agreements are in place.

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is our legitimate interest within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest is derived from the following purposes of data collection: determining the satisfaction of current MS Westfalia GmbH customers following the purchase or repair of a MS Westfalia GmbH product. Since you are already a MS Westfalia GmbH customer at that time, we presume that you agree to us contacting you to find out whether you are satisfied with us.

    Website optimization

    We aim to continue making our website better for you. To do so, we use various web analysis tools that provide us with answers to specific questions, such as: Which of our pages have you visited? Which links have you clicked? You can find a list of these tools under “What tools does MS Westfalia GmbH use for analysis and marketing?”

    For users from the European Union, the legal basis for the processing of this data is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest is derived from the following purposes of data collection: ensuring a smooth connection, ensuring the convenient use of our website and/or application, and the analysis of system security and stability.

    Does MS Westfalia GmbH share my information with others?


    MS Westfalia GmbH reserves the right to share the data you transmit to us with our subsidiaries and specialist retailers (dealers) throughout the world. However, we share it only if doing so is necessary to process your data for its intended purpose.

    MS Westfalia GmbH sometimes uses external service providers for the technical processing of your data. We may transmit and process your data outside the country in which you reside or in one of the countries in which MS Westfalia GmbH, its subsidiaries, specialist retailers (dealers), or service providers and suppliers operate. Such entities may be based outside the European Economic Area. Contractual obligations to comply with the provisions under data protection law are in place within the company and in our dealings with our specialist retailers (dealers), service providers, and suppliers.

    When is my data deleted?


    MS Westfalia GmbH stores the personal data you transmit to us only for as long as they are needed (i.e., to fulfill the purposes for which you have transmitted this data to us, however we will delete it sooner if we are required to do so by law or you request that we delete your data). We will block any data you ask us to delete if we are required by law to retain.

    Changes to our Data Protection Policy


    MS Westfalia GmbH may change the Data Protection Policy at any time if...
    • ... we introduce new products or services
    • ... Internet procedures change
    • ... Internet and IT security technology advances
    • ... new legal requirements enter into force


    We therefore reserve the right to change or supplement our Data Protection Policy as and when required. The revised version will be published here and will then apply to future use of our website. You should access the Data Protection Policy regularly to find out about its current status. This does not include a change of purpose in the use of data already stored. 

    All information contained on our websites has been checked with great care. However, we do not guarantee that the contents of our websites are always accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

    Third-party websites

    MS Westfalia GmbH references third-party websites by providing links. Although we select these third parties carefully, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents and the data security of third-party websites. Furthermore, MS Westfalia GmbH’s Data Protection Policy does not apply to linked third-party websites. MS Westfalia GmbH is not responsible for the Data Protection Policies or content of other websites.

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