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Polaris - operating table

Maneuverable and multifunctional operating table POLARIS gives you wide opportunities for diagnostic tests and surgical procedures in gynecology, urology, lithotripsy and surgery.

Radioparent work space helps to achieve excellent results during radiographic and X-ray examinations. The operating table POLARIS combined with different C-arm models as well as with mobile and stationary X-ray systems can maximize the diagnostic opportunities and their application fields.

4 extremely maneuverable wheels and multi-functional pedal provide easy and safe moving of the table in various directions as well as the firm blocking in the selected position.

The remote control provides easy and comfortable adjustment of the table position:
• Height from 1115 to 1435 mm
• Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg +/- 15 ⁰
• Longitudinal displacement of up to 200 mm
• Lateral displacement of up to 50 mm on both sides
UP / DOWN moving can also be regulated by a foot pedal.

Soft pillows made of flame-retardant biocompatible leatherette provide comfortable position for the patient even in case of long operations. Pillows can be made of antistatic and electrically conducting materials upon request.

Each operating table POLARIS has steel side rails on the both sides. This allows attaching additional accessories according to individual needs: foot and head ends extension, shoulder supports, Heppel foot rest, the arm rest, the steel tank for the liquid with drain, etc.

Side extenders for the operating table create easy access of the lithotripter applicator to the patient’s body as well as an excellent contact with it. This increases the efficiency of the distant shockwave lithotripsy with different localization of the stones and provides a comfortable position for the patient.

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