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Floyd 8000 - Vital signs monitor (CE Pending)

Even in basic configuration the unit fully complies with full monitoring of vital signs of the patient. Standard configuration includes: measurement of ECG analysis segment ST, arrhythmias and oxycardiorespirogram, pulse oximetry SpO2, temperature measurement in 2 channels, measuring NIBP, pulse rate and respiratory rate. The package includes monitor accessories for all the above measurements.

The monitor can be fitted with capnography, measurement of cardiac output and anesthetic gas analyzer, which makes possible to use the device in resuscitation and intensive care, as well as in anesthesia care.

The user can choose different types of measuring EtCO2 - Side Strem, Main Stream, Micro Stream. 2 options available measuring the concentration of anesthetic gases: Main Stream and Side Stream, both - with automatic identification of the measured anesthetic.

The monitor measures the cardiac output (CO) in a non-invasive method (impedance cardiography).

Offers a full range of sizes for NIBP cuff, as well as accessories for different types of monitor mount: on a trolley, wall console, the patient's bed, built-in thermal printer.

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The only ICU Station worldwide with ventilation and associated collateral vital signs parameter monitoring

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