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Ares RC RAD DFP - radiography system

X-ray unit modular construction allows to meet the needs - it is easy to install even in small rooms (from 14 m2).

Radiographic system with ceiling mount provides easy approach to the patient and, that allow to examine patients in any position, including patients on wheelbarrow as well as on wheelchair. Besides, it saves the free space in a room.

Telescope column made of aluminum is a highly resistant and light-weight construction. That makes the X-ray unit very portable. Parking position allows to significantly saves the space in a room.

Digital radiography system with LCD display indicating tube position. Better handle for great maneuverability and easy positioning. User-friendly interface.

Motorized tube movements and automatic position storage reduce the examination time and make it more precise. Radiographic system can be optionally programmed for the stop-motion mode and further image clipping. “Maintenance-free” permanent magnet safety brakes for all movements.

Turning stand with a built-in digital detector performing a table function. Types of X-ray unit configuration: with two stationary detectors (35x43 cm, 43x43 cm); with one stationary and one portable detector; with one portable detector.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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