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Polaris – mobile lithotripter

Small, mobile and effective lithotripter Polaris for urology & orthopedics allow to convert urological office to urology operating room or to examination room in one minute and to use ultrasound scanner, endourological table and C-Arm machine independently.

Due to almost unique technology, lithotripter Polaris can easily get and process information from the most existing ultrasound and X-ray equipment and work with your already existing diagnostic devices, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.

The flexibility and manoeuvrability of the shockwave applicator allow to perform shockwave lithotripsy of both “under and over” table positions in almost any patient’s position due to a mobile rack. Large applicator area reduces shockwave energy concentration outside the focal zone, thus minimizing sense of pain.

Touch screen display of lithotripter Polaris for control and visualization makes it possible to record test’s results using images from ultrasound equipment or C-arm. USB-slot helps to transfer images to PC and hospital network without any effort.

With Polaris imaging system the doctor sees where the stone is in the therapeutic volume of the shockwave (3-D navigation). This real time visualization improves shockwave lithotripsy clinical outcomes and reduces the risk of surrounding tissues injury.

Xtra-Vision wireless navigation system allows directing shockwave focus to the stone precisely and quickly.

Polaris has the largest therapeutic focuse (16x125 mm) providing continuous action to the stone of any size during the whole session. Effective wide focus electro-hydraulic shock wave generator provides large therapeutic volume with least side effects.

When not in use, mobile lithotripter Polaris can be is easily retracted and moved aside, that allows to perform routine diagnostic tests and surgical interventions.

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Lithotripter for urology and orthopedics and the new urologic workstation of the 21st century in one unit

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