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Diona Slim Line - ultrasound liposuction unit

Dual selective vacuum-supported ultrasound lipolysis Diona Slim Line with the frequency of 1 MHz. The combination of ultrasound and vacuum action in one handle provides efficient, safe and comfortable effect on the treated area.

Diona Slim Line is a technology of a selective action on localized fat areas forcing the destruction of the membranes of adipocytes with the release of triglycerides.

The most independent of the staff business model, which is based on the effective German medical liposuction technology that gives visible results right after the first treatment.

Ultrasound pulse generator with two emitters angled to each other at 135 ° create two directions of crossing ultrasound waves. That provides a focussed, profound and effective impact on the subcutaneous fat of the treated area.

Vacuum pump captures and raises the adipose tissue so that it fits snugly to the handle and the ultrasound wave is directed at the treated area only.

Ultrasound frequency: 1 mHz. Modulation frequency: 20-60 kHz. Focal depth: 10 cm. Vacuum power: the average - 3 W/cm2, the peak - 30 W/cm2.

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