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Atlant - dynamic surgery table

3-section mobile table provides comfortable medical transportation of a patient from the dressing zone to premedication zone, then to surgery zone and back. Can be used in ophthalmology, aesthetic surgery, maxillofacial surgery.

An operating table is easily transformed into a transportation chair and vice versa. Due to a powerful electric motor, mobile surgery chair smoothly takes horizontal position with one push of a control button.

Having this unique dynamic chair there’s no need to move a patient from the chair to the operating table and back, thus, saving up to 50% of the time. Wide thoracic section is convenient even for the obese patient.

Electromagnetic clutch provides stability of three- and one-section chairs during whole operation. Each of four turning main wheels of the patient’s table is equipped with the button for manual releasing of the brakes.

When activated, the fifth wheel allows for a turn in place 360 degrees without major physical effort. With this fifth wheel the chair reaches maximal operational maneuverability during medical transportation through the corridors with 90-degree turns in the operating room.

Atlant ophthalmic operating table with unique headrest bracket construction allows to take into account all the patient’s characteristics and to provide his comfort during the operation.

Corrosion and physical impact resistant, dustproof and moisture-repellent materials are used in production of the ophthalmic tables/chairs. Pillows can be easily removed and washed with a disinfectant cleanser.

All necessary tools that simplify work of modern ophthalmological surgeon are also available. Among them mounted arc support or an instrument table in the headrest part of the chair, anaesthetic arc with or without aeration channel, drip stand, patient arm support table (anaesthetic), correcting headrest pads.

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3-section table provides patient transportation form the dressing zone to premedication zone, then to surgery zone and back.

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