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Since 2014 MS Westfalia GmbH - a leading distributor and manufacturer of ophthalmic equipment - is the official partner of Topcon Corporation in Russia and the CIS countries. MS Westfalia GmbH provides full marketing support of Topcon brand and offers Russian trading companies the opportunity to purchase Topcon ophthalmic equipment in Europe through its representative office. We also provide installation of the equipment and service by the authorized Russian partners in all regions of the Russian Federation.

MS Westfalia and Topcon – strategic partners

Established system of trainings on the equipment for engineers, vendors, experts and doctors as part of the MSW Academy educational project.

Availability of partner companies who sell medical equipment in Russia and CIS. Any of them can supply Topcon equipment, purchasing it from our company.

Strict control over projects and the system of conflict management by MS Westfalia GmbH.

MS Westfalia GmbH provides installation of the equipment and service by the authorized Russian partners.

Topcon Corporation, Japan

Topcon Corporation was established in 1932 specializing in the manufacture of optical instruments. Since its founding, Topcon focused on quality and innovation. Over the years Topcon Corporation became a worldwide multinational company with subsidiaries in Asia, America and Europe. Nowadays Topcon employs over 4.000 people worldwide in 10 domestic subsidiaries and 26 overseas sales and manufacturing subsidiaries. Topcon Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

As a partner of Topcon and official representative of Topcon brand in Russia, we have a unique opportunity to provide comprehensive support of Topcon brand which includes:

Full service of Topcon ophthalmic equipment from installation to after-sales service;

Training and certification of the service partners;

Providing healthcare centers with the replacement devices during the warranty and post-warranty repair;

Topcon equipment application and approbation in the regions of the Russian Federation;

Training and education of doctors and distributors in the showroom, which exhibits the most popular and interesting ophthalmic devices manufactured by Topcon and MS Westfalia GmbH;

Organized visits of specialists to Topcon reference centers to share experiences with practicing doctors working on Topcon equipment;

Joint projects and participation in trade fairs and congresses on ophthalmology organized in Europe and elsewhere.

The main goal of MS Westfalia GmbH and Topcon is concern about human health. The quality of Topcon ophthalmic equipment has become legendary and we will do our best to provide doctors with high quality instruments that will make their work convenient and comfortable.

Topcon in Europe

Topcon Europe was established in 1970 to coordinate the sales and marketing activities of Topcon products in Europe. To further support the fast expansion of the two main business units, Topcon Europe demerged in 2005 into Topcon Europe Holding, Topcon Europe Medical and Topcon Europe Positioning.

Topcon Europe Medical has an extensive sales network of subsidiaries and distributors which covers Europe. Our strong local presence allows us to stay in close contact with ophthalmologists and opticians throughout Europe. Our aim is to provide first class service and the rapid response that our customers rightly expect.

Topcon way

Topcon studies the possibilities of “light”, creates new values toward the future, and contributes to build a rich human society.

Topcon will maintain a proactive and responsive attitude by foreseeing any changes and place the utmost priority on
compliance under all circumstances, thereby continually striving to be a trustworthy partner to all stakeholders.

Topcon will do its utmost to improve quality in all stages from development and design to manufacturing, sales and service; supply products of the highest quality, and develop our customers' businesses.

Topcon will build relationships of mutual trust and partnership with sales agents and other business partners, and mutually develop business through information sharing and close cooperation.

Topcon will implement two-way communication with employees, and will respect diverse individualities, values, and the spirit of creation and innovation, and maximize the employees' skills.

Topcon, as a member of the global and local community, will respect global standards concerning human rights, the environment, labor standards, and anti-corruption measures, and contribute to building sustainable markets.

Topcon will appropriately disclose information to shareholders in a timely manner, work to build a relationship of trust with them, and continually strive to improve our corporate value.

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