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Ares MR DIM HD - C-arm surgical X-ray system

High quality images are formed by a digital CCD-camera, 1k x 1k, 12-bit.

Compact, ergonomic design saves space in the operating room, focal length is over meter, it simplifies the positioning regardless of the patient's body type.

The system turns on quickly, it enables to reduce time of the operating treatment area visualization in emergency situations and helps not to lose precious minutes.

Easy use of the system facilitates the work of the staff. Filters, brightness and contrast control, the parameters correction during the examination allow maximizing image quality without a significant increase in radiation exposure.

Saving up to 200 000 images provides sufficiently extensive archive of patient data and the ability of specified parameters searching.

Wide range of post-processing images settings (brightness, contrast, rotation, positive/negative pattern, etc.), full package of measurements and drawing annotations provide full images assessment at the post-processing stage without repeated examinations of the patient.

Complete package for the storage, printing, transfer and integration of the data through the network.

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