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Ares MB - mobile X-ray unit

Touchscreen control panel of mobile X-ray unit includes LCD touchscreen display and russified interface. Exposure parameters setting by 2 or 3 points.

Portative X-ray unit includes 1200 anatomic programs, which are divided into groups according to age, body complection and anatomic zone of study.

Portable scanning grid. If necessary, the specialist can carry out exposure with a portable frame for improving the image quality.

Simple and ergonomic stand provides easy control of X-ray system, positioning in required projection and transportation from one room to another.

Variety of X-ray systems allows to satisfy clients preferences providing wide choice of generators, monoblocks and accessorizes. Optionally mobile X-ray unit can be equipped with a computer-based radiography system.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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