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Due to unique technologies used by MS Westfalia GmbH, its modern equipment for anesthesia and intensive care complies with the most strict requirements applicable to medical equipment. Leap ahead ventilation systems have lots of modes and user friendly interface for safe, precise and effective treatment.

External defibrillator (CE Pending)

Powerful and mobile device

Easy to operate

Accurate assessment of the effectiveness of discharge

Defibrillator monitor (CE Pending)

Multi-functional, rich basic configuration

Intuitive and easy operation of defibrillation modes

A wide range of used and displayed ECG leads

Patient monitor (CE Pending)

Compact and autonomous

Many functions in basic configuration

Wide range of options

Vital signs monitor (CE Pending)

Many functions in basic configuration

Maximum features in a compact unit

Wide range of options

Vital signs monitor (CE Pending)

Maximum features at an affordable price

Advanced monitoring

Wide range of options

Patient monitor (CE Pending)

Stationary multiparameter monitor

Advanced monitoring

Wide range of options

Portable ICU ventilator

Built-in compressed air source and the battery for 12 hours

All modern ventilation modes

Medication nebulizer

Modular critical care hybrid

A modular critical care all-in-one solution

Central control system for most emergency functions

Continuous attendance to patient throughout all critical care phases

Anaesthesia machines family

Pneumatically driven, electronic control

High quality at an affordable price

Neonatal option

Mechanical ventilation and vital signs monitoring

Ventilation and vital signs monitoring

Automatic Tube Compensation

Built-in pneumatic nebulizer

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