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Ares MR AFG - C-arm surgical X-ray system

C-arm X-ray system is developed for multi-functional use: general and urgent surgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, traumatology, endoscopy, in a day care and veterinary practice.

Monoblock with the rotating or fixed anode of a tube; generator power capacity varies from 3 to 5 kW; image intensifier of 9" or 12".

The system allows to work in different modes: digital fluoroscopy (continuous, pulsed, high-dose, low-dose); high speed fluoroscopy; radiography (digital, film).

Memory capacity of 350 000 images allows to storage a large amount of information, thus simplifying the doctor's work.

AFG digital system produces images with a resolution of at least 1024x1024, which are displayed on high resolution monitors with a diagonal of at least 19”

Image frequency 25 images per second. It is possible to record fluoroscopy studies. High quality recording and processing of the angiographic studies.

Ares MR AFG saves the settings for different anatomic areas of examinations, taking into account age (both children and adults) and body build of a patient.

Lower Dose program reduces at least 50% of the radiation dosage without image quality loss.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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