Our Moscow office is equipped with a permanent interactive exhibition of ophthalmic devices manufactured by Topcon Corporation and MS Westfalia GmbH.


Our partners and practitioners can appreciate the quality of the devices and their operating characteristics, watching the work of professionals or using the equipment themselves.


The photographs show all devices and appliances that are installed and connected at the moment.


We will inform you about any changes in the exposition in the "News" section.


See you at our interactive exhibition from Monday to Friday from 10:30 till 16:00.

Please inform us about your visit in advance by phone +7 (495) 544-54-53 or make an arrangement with your manager.



IS-600III - instrument stands

The Topcon IS-600III, instrument stand, has been developed as a refraction unit without compromise. The IS-600III is a comfortable and stable workstation to accommodate two instruments which can be adapted to various kinds of examination rooms.

• Small footprint
• Electric elevation of table top
• Table top electro-brake
• LED reading light
• Dimming of room light
• Wheelchair accessibility
• Integrated cable management system
• Column movement with table top (IS-600III with fixed column model)
• Same eye level for all instruments (IS-600III with fixed column model)

The IS-600III is available in a right, a left and a wheelchair version. These instrument stand versions are available with a fixed table top or electrical elevation of the table top. The IS-600III can be completed with several optional accessories such as:

- Three different phoropter arms
- OC-6 footrest
- Extra drawers
- Table top electro brake
- LED reading light.

The integrated control panel allows the user to easily control the elevation of the chair, the room illumination light and installed instruments.

The IS-600III with fixed column to the elevated table top in combination with the automated linear phoropter arm VT-72/74, ensures that the same eye level of instruments and phoropter will be maintained. With adjusting the height of the table top to the eye level of the patient, the phoropter is automatically adjusted to the same eye level resulting in a quick workflow.

IS-600III is available in two different colours:

- Off white
- Light blue

The ophthalmic patient chair is available in four colours:

- Blue
- Black
- Red
- Grey

- Trial lens drawer & control panel
- Room illumination (dimmable)
- Projector support (not for fixed column model)
- Saftey stop, for patient safety when operating table top or chair
- Cable management in table top

- Power supply drawer (for CV-5000 vision tester)
- Adjustable LED near vision lamp
- Table top potentiometer
- Control satelite support
- Electronic table top brake

Topcon CC-90SW is a flexible chart system, consisting of hard- & software. You can use your own PC and TFT monitor, ranging from 19". This flexible chart system is compatible with Apple Macintoshtm and all-in-one PC's as well. The CC-90SW will be attached to your own screen.

• Wide range of Optotypes
• White Maddox LED light source
• Flexible set up
• Usable with every consumer monitor
• Flex control: remote controller, controlled through Topcon CV-5000


CV-5000 - phoropters

Topcon’s CV-5000, automated phoropter, sets quality standards. Fast lens rotation provides comfort for user and patient. Compact and contemporary design enhances the professional image of the practitioner. Thanks to the compact design of the phoropter, the refractionist can monitor the patient’s expression during refraction. To perform near tests, near chart illumination is incorporated into the CV-5000.

• CV-5000
• Compact design
• Fast lens rotation
• Comportable operation
• Near chart LED illumination
• KB-50S
• Large 10.4” LCD touch screen
• Dial operation
• Sales support functions
• User friendly interface
• IMAGEnet i-base connection

Through the use of the KB-50S control panel the operator can control all functions of the CV-5000PRO automatic phoroptor head. The KB-50S is equipped with a large colour LCD touch screen display, providing the best overview on refraction results in the market. Personal settings like sreen lay out and modus operandi can be defined. The sales support function helps you to visualize your lens advice with animations.

The CV-5000 can be operated through a PC. A unique operating system allows the operator to use his own PC hardware. The lay out of the user interface ensures a good overview of the refraction data.

A tablet can be used as a versatile controller for the CV-5000PRO. The wireless operation offers a more flexible workspace. The i-Pad, or another tablet PC can be used for other non-Topcon applications as well.

The Topcon CC-100XP is a LCD chart system which incorporates all important visual acuity tests, binocular tests, colour vision test and contrast sensitivity tests.

• High quality 22” LCD screen
• 100% polarization
• Wide range of optotypes
• Virtually unlimited test charts
• Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test
• White Maddox LED light source
• MKH test sequence according to Haase
• WiFi & usb connection


KR-1 - refractometers

The Topcon KR-1 is a revolutionary auto kerato- refractometer. The tiltable and rotatable touch screen will change the way of working for ever. The operator can use the KR-1 from various angles, ensuring the best interaction with the patient. The Topcon KR-1 can be used in several set-ups, which use a minimum of working space.

• Fully automated operation with touch screen
• Flexible & space saving lay out
• Reliable & fast measurements
• Compact ergonomic design

The KR-1 is fully operated through a 8.5” wide touch screen. Simply touch the center of the pupil on the LCD screen to start measuring both eyes. The device automatically obtains objective refraction data of the right and left eye. The KR-1 auto kerato- refractometer can detect automatically abnormal conditions of an eye, i.e. cataract. The instrument changes to “cataract mode’ and continues the measurement. The device incorporates a button for cataract, in case you would like to start measurements in the cataract mode from the start. If required, the KR-1 can be set in manual mode as well. The manual mode is used for focusing only. The up/down and left/right movement will remain automated.

The adjustable touch screen control panel enables the operator to be positioned anywhere around the patient because the control panel can be faced in a number of different directions. The KR-1 can be positioned in a conventional set-up, against a wall, or even in a corner of a room. The compact body enables the operator to support the patient easily from many different positions during measurement even when the patient's eye lid needs to be opened. These unique aspects will contribute to space saving and flexible layout in your eye examination room.

With Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism Technology, the KR-1 auto kerato- refractometer provides unmatched accuracy and reliability. This technology ensures reproducible results. The objective measurement of both eyes is done in a fast and comfortable way for the patient. The KR-1 can measure patients with a pupil as small as Ø2mm

The Topcon KR-1 allows the operator to take peripheral KRT measurements of the corneal curvature radius, in addition to inner KRT ring measurements, which is useful in corneal evaluation of contact lens fitting.

The KR-1’s new ergonomic design provides a more comfortable position for the patient with a 5º inclination of the patient’s head, and optical head of the KR-1. The compact body of KR-1 and improved chin rest design enables easier access to patients. The operator will have better interaction with the patient.

The KR-1 can be connected directly to other instruments such the Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter. The KR-1 can be integrated into the Topcon Imaging and database software: IMAGEnet i-base. This software enables easy and fast access to patient data and is a useful tool to maintain customer contacts.


CT-80 - tonometers

The Topcon CT-80 non-contact tonomer makes intraocular pressure measurements easier and more comfortable than ever before.

• Regulated, soft air puff
• Minimised patient discomfort
• Fully automatic (CT-80A)
• Ease of use
• IMAGEnet i-base connection

It features a 30% faster measurement time, a triple patient safety function, and a dual sensor measuring system. The Topcon CT-80A also offers automatic alignment, automatic focus and automatic measurement, for easier operationt, resulting in consistent results each time.

The CT-80 and CT-80A can be integrated in Topcon IMAGEnet i-base, the diagnostic and imaging database software. The tonometer results can be monitored over time, in a comprehensive graph.


3D OCT-2000 FA

The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 FA is the ultimate all-in-one OCT for OCT scan, FA images, FAF images, colour fundus images and red-free images. All these images can be generated from a single device.
Topcon's 3D imaging and analysis functions provide invaluable pathological confirmation of progression. With the addition of noise reducing algorithms and Infra red/3D tracking technology, the 3D OCT-2000 FA plus provides you with extremely detailed OCT images. Single scans, but also 3D and 2D OCT images.

• The ultimate all-in-one OCT
• High resolution OCT
• High resolution colour fundus image
• High resolution FA & FAF images
• Intuitive workflow
• Normative database
• Glaucoma module
• Full network support
• IMAGEnet i-base connection

The enhanced 50.000 A-scans/sec allows for faster tomography acquisition and minimises artifacts generated by eye movements, producing clear cross-sectional retinal images. The new analysis mode reduces processing time. Topcon's "Enhanced Choroidal Mode" visualises further internal structures, allowing much superior visualisation of the RPE and choroidal area.

Unique to the Topcon OCT-2000 FA is its integrated retinal photography function for colour, red-red free, FA and FAF images. An interchangeable 16.2mp digital camera acquires highly detailed images using a sub one millisecond flash at the point of OCT capture or stand alone fundus photography if required.

One of many modules within Topcon's Fastmap software; The Glaucoma module allows fully automated disc topography, normative database comparison and total progression analysis (trend analysis) through various screening options. Complemented by Ganglion cell analysis and anterior chamber angle measurements the glaucoma module is a comprehensive screening tool.

By combining both OCT scan technology with traditional photographic imaging a variety of analysis functions and scan protocols allow for the detection and treatment of many corneal conditions. Full corneal thickness topography and automated central thickness values are complemented by corneal curvature topography along with high resolution imaging.


TRC-50DX - Fundus cameras

The TRC-50DX Series is the gold standard in retinal imaging. It has more digital-ready capability than any fundus camera on the market and represents the most sophisticated and complete retinal capturing device available today.
The TRC-50DX is the workhorse and backbone of the clinic. It is a versatile fundus camera for colour fundus images, red-free images and FA images. The TRC-50DX an be upgraded with ICG and Auto Fluorescene as well.

• Colour, red-free, fluorescein standard
• ICG, autoflourescence optional
• 20, 35, 50 angles of coverage
• Easy to use touch screen control panel
• Easy focusing system with split focus bars
• Can be used with a wide range of digital cameras
• IMAGEnet i-base connection

The Spaide AF filters are optimized autofluorescence filters designed to work exclusively with Topcon's IMAGEnet Systems. Developed by Dr. Richard F. Spaide, MD of Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of NY, these new matched interference filters have been optimized to allow for better visualization of fundus autofluorescence. By perfecting the excitation and barrier filters through improved science and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the new filters are approximately 20 times more efficient than current generation FAF filters and require 40% less exposure.

The touch panel allows the operator to switch between procedures. The TRC-50DX automatically selects the correct filters. Flash setting can be done with a touch panel as well, which is very convenient for the operator. The so called Split Image Focusing enables the photographer to take cleas sharp images with minimal efforts.
The TRC-50DX fundus camera can be incorporated in Topcon IMAGEnet i-base, the well known imaging database system.


Galaxy - automated perimeter

Perimeter for visual field test (up to 180°) without position changing. Red stimulus for central vision field testing.

Software and hardware control of the electrically driven chinrest for maximum flexibility in working with the patient.

Notification about deviations in the fixed eye position of a patient. Video control over the visual field testing process.

Integrated Windows inspired familiar to user program pack for reception and analyze of results. Ample opportunities for database tuning. Data and comment entry in Russian language.

Various options for results manipulation: colored, monochrome, digital, 3D nomogram.

Economic solution. Can work together with other devices connected to one PC. Compact electric workplace.

PC and perimeter in one compact unit. Data input by means of a built-in keyboard and a mouse (optionally wireless).

A static perimeter that enables research of early stage glaucoma and has additional option for electrophysiological studies.

The flagship model of the line has the most complete set of functions. The perimeter has a Russian language software.


OMS-800 OFFISS - operation microscopes

The Topcon OMS-800 OFFISS is an outstanding microscope for intravitreal surgery and other ophthalmic procedures. OFFISS stands for Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System and offers a bi-manual vitrectomy, which is easier, safer and faster.

• OFFISS (Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System)
• Stereo variator
• Slit illumination
• Electromagnetic locking system
• Dual motorized focusing sytems
• Stain proof coated objective lens
• 3-directional illumination (±20 & 40)
• Yellow filter for protection against phototoxity
• XY-translator
• Multifunction footswitch

The OFFISS lens system consists of several lenses which offer a wide field, and stereoscopic observation. A yellow filter and 3-directional illumination (±20 & 40) ensure a versatile illumination system

The Topcon OMS-800 OFFISS has a variable angle binocular tube, electro magnetic brakes and a X-Y translator incorporated. The motorized fast focusing mechanism allows the optical to be quickly elevated during surgery. A compact and stable footprint combined with a long microscope arm ensures a flexible set up in the operation theatre. The multifunctional footswitch can be customized for the Doctor's preference.

The compact footprint will fit easily into most operating environments.


Atlant - dynamic surgery table

3-section mobile table provides comfortable medical transportation of a patient from the dressing zone to premedication zone, then to surgery zone and back. Can be used in ophthalmology, aesthetic surgery, maxillofacial surgery.

An operating table is easily transformed into a transportation chair and vice versa. Due to a powerful electric motor, mobile surgery chair smoothly takes horizontal position with one push of a control button.

Having this unique dynamic chair there’s no need to move a patient from the chair to the operating table and back, thus, saving up to 50% of the time. Wide thoracic section is convenient even for the obese patient.

Electromagnetic clutch provides stability of three- and one-section chairs during whole operation. Each of four turning main wheels of the patient’s table is equipped with the button for manual releasing of the brakes.

When activated, the fifth wheel allows for a turn in place 360 degrees without major physical effort. With this fifth wheel the chair reaches maximal operational maneuverability during medical transportation through the corridors with 90-degree turns in the operating room.

Atlant ophthalmic operating table with unique headrest bracket construction allows to take into account all the patient’s characteristics and to provide his comfort during the operation.

Corrosion and physical impact resistant, dustproof and moisture-repellent materials are used in production of the ophthalmic tables/chairs. Pillows can be easily removed and washed with a disinfectant cleanser.

All necessary tools that simplify work of modern ophthalmological surgeon are also available. Among them mounted arc support or an instrument table in the headrest part of the chair, anaesthetic arc with or without aeration channel, drip stand, patient arm support table (anaesthetic), correcting headrest pads.


Atlant - dynamic surgery chair

Allows the surgeon to easily change the position of the seat height by electrical mechanism built into the device.

Quick and easy fixing of the chair in the desired position by means of an electro-magnetic brake.

Powerful lithium-ion battery allows to work without recharging during the all day of the operation.

Unique lumbar support creates maximum comfort while sitting and performing the surgery.

Easy adjustment of the backrest by own weight with a lever under the seat.

The chair is made of antibacterial materials resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress, which are easy to disinfect with any special agents.

Compact and easy to operate the chair allows a surgeon to not feel tired during the all day of the operation.



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