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Floyd 7000 - Patient monitor (CE Pending)

Dimensions 258х210х180 mm, weight 3.5 kg, built-in battery for 2.5 hours of continuous operation allow to use the monitor in hospital and during transportation of patients.

Even in basic configuration the unit fully complies with full monitoring of vital parameters of the patient. Standard configuration includes: measurement of ECG with ST segment analysis and arrhythmia, pulse oximetry SpO2, temperature measurement, measurement of NIBP, pulse rate and respiratory rate. The package includes monitor accessories for all the above mentioned measurements.

The user has the choice between two types of pulse oximetry: Nellvcor Oxi Max and BLT, retrofitting the monitor with the temperature measurement on the second channel and thermal printer. Offers a full range of sizes for NIBP cuff, as well as accessories for different types of monitor mount: on a trolley, wall console, the patient's bed.

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The only ICU Station worldwide with ventilation and associated collateral vital signs parameter monitoring

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