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Functional and mobile X-ray unites with movable C-arm and a digital imaging system. Sphere of application: from routine surgeries to angiographic and cardiographic procedures.

C-arm diagnostic X-ray system


Compact size

Various configurations

C-arm diagnostic X-ray system


Choice of configuration

Different modes

Mobile C-arm for angiography

High-power (20 kW)

Exellent mobility

Removable keyboard

C-arm system with a flat-panel detector

Flat panel detector

High-speed shooting

Larger focal distance

Stationary ceiling mounted C-arm

(High power (100 kW)

Ceiling mount

Image intensifier of 9'' and 13''

Mobile C-arm with digital imaging

Digital C-arm

Different modes

Large memory reserve

C-arm surgical X-ray system with digital camera

High quality images

Compact, ergonomic design

Turns on quickly

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