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Blanc - operating LED lamps

Surgical and examination multipurpose LED lamps Blanc provides excellent shadowless illumination of surgical field. Operating LED lamps without emission of infrared rays, which eliminates the heat under the lamp preventing the surgical area or the surgeon's head heating.

Blanc operating lamps with Upperlight system developed by MS Westfalia GmbH gives the possibility to regulate the intensity of illumination in compliance with specialist’s needs without changing characteristics of color emission.

Examination lamps with stable color temperature of 4900° K, excellent contrast in the operating field and a color rendering index (CRI 95). Besides, it is possible to adjust the surgical LED lamp brightness without changing characteristics of color emission. Color gamma approximated to the daylight illumination.

The lamp shape assures visual comfort and is particularly suitable for laminar flows. Its structure has been studied to avoid obstructing air flows inside the operating room reducing considerably the turbulence areas in the laminar air flow.

High technology brightness adapter allows Blanc examination LED lamps to demonstrate homogenous and stable intensity at the surface and at depth.

Semiconductor liquid-crystal technology of Blanc operating lamps provides supreme long life cycle. Average LED lamps life cycle is about 50.000 hours.

Operating lamps can be equipped with ZOOM or HD video camera integrated in central handle or situated on separate arm and with monitor. Two dome lamps can be equipped with system of control synchronization.

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Blanc medical lamps

New generation of LED lamps for examination and operating rooms.

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