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Ares RC - X-ray system with remote control

Digital radiography allows for fluoroscopy, radiography and tomography in one multi-functional remote-controlled table. Modular construction: wide choice of tables, generators, digital and analogue imaging systems and X-ray tubes.

Radiography system remote control can be carried out from the control room. Specialist can connect the patient with the help of a built-in talk-back loudspeaker and a camera (optionally).

Digital X-ray system with upgraded remote-controlled table: focal distance, longitudinal and transversal movements are the highest in its rate. The tabletop tilting +90°/-30° or +90°/-90°. Capability of zonography and tomography in any table position.

HQ digital and analogue imaging systems. XRII of different size: from 9” up to 16”. 1024x1024x12 bits — digital CCD camera full co-ordinance with iris collimator device (previously optional).

The widest working field among other systems of this type — 13’'/16’’. The highest speed of image obtaining — up to 30 images per second. The frequency in radiographic mode — up to 15 images per second.

Possibility of software update, installation of additional programs for examination and processing of received information.

DICOM package allows to integrate Area RC X-ray system to local hospital net, providing the use of all DICOM functions, like to handle or to view images on any working X-ray unit.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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