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Galaxy - automated perimeter

Perimeter for visual field test (up to 180°) without position changing. Red stimulus for central vision field testing.

Software and hardware control of the electrically driven chinrest for maximum flexibility in working with the patient.

Notification about deviations in the fixed eye position of a patient. Video control over the visual field testing process.

Integrated Windows inspired familiar to user program pack for reception and analyze of results. Ample opportunities for database tuning. Data and comment entry in Russian language.

Various options for results manipulation: colored, monochrome, digital, 3D nomogram.

Economic solution. Can work together with other devices connected to one PC. Compact electric workplace.

PC and perimeter in one compact unit. Data input by means of a built-in keyboard and a mouse (optionally wireless).

A static perimeter that enables research of early stage glaucoma and has additional option for electrophysiological studies.

The flagship model of the line has the most complete set of functions. The perimeter has a Russian language software.

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Digital perimeters

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