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    TRK-1P - Automatic kerato/refractometer

    TRK-1P is a unique instrument which combines 4 function in 1 compact device. The Topcon TRK-1P features a complete auto alignment system, combined with a refractometer, a keratometer, a non-contact tonometer and a pachymeter. A true 4-in-1 instrument.

    • 4 in 1: keratometry, refraction, tonometry and pachimetry
    • fully automatic
    • large colour screen, tilting
    • soft air puff
    • IMAGEnet i-base connection

    The TRK-1P is equipped with Topcon's well proven and exclusive Rotary Prism TechnologyTM, which ensures high accuracy and reliability. The Topcon TRK-1P can handle pupils as small as 2 mm

    The TRK-1P software controls the amount of air required for each individual eye. Patients experience more comfort during the measurement. The included pachymetry function assists the practitioner in evaluating the IOP related data.

    The large colour screen has a tilting mechanism and gives a clear overview of the selected procedure and the readings of both right and left eyes.

    Product information


    Auto Kerato-Refracto-Tonometer

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    REF Measurement

    Measuring range

    Hyperopia: 0 to +22D (0.12D/0.25D steps)

    Myopia: 0 to -25D (0.12D/0.25D steps)

    Astigmatism: 0 to ± 10D(0.12D/0.25D steps)

    Axial angle: 0 to 180º (1º /5º steps)

    Minimum measurable pupil diameter

    Ø 2.0mm

    Target fixation

    Auto fog system


    Measuring range

    Radius of corneal curvature: 5.00 to 10.00mm(0.01mm step)

    Corneal refractory power: 67.50 to 33.75D (0.12D/0.25D steps)

    (Proviso: cornealrefractive index = 1.3375)

    Corneal astigmatic power: 0 to ± 10D

    Corneal astigmatic axial angle: 0 to 180º (1º /5º steps)


    Measuring range

    0 to 30mmHg / 0 to 60mmHg





    Color LCD monitor screen

    PD measurement

    Measuring range 85mm max., 1mm display unit

    Measurement data display

    Color LCD monitor screen

    Measurement data recording

    Built-in printer (10 measurements each of R/L eyes)

    TV Monitor

    6.5 type VGA color LCD monitor

    External output terminal

    RS-232x2, USBx1

    Operating temperature

    10º to 40ºC

    Main body travel

    Distance 40mm back/forth, 90mm sides, 30mm up/down


    60mm up/down (Electric)

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