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Mobile X-ray Ares MC

Mobile analog machine with telescopic tripod and batteries

Ares MC is used in radiology, orthopedics, medical examination, emergency department, intensive care unit, operating room, neonatal department. Equipped with a swivel or telescopic tripod. Automated movement and built-in rechargeable batteries.


ARES MC is a mobile machine with a standard tripod with a telescopic tube column or with a fully telescopic tripod. Motorized movement and wide angles of rotation of the column of the x-ray tube can solve any problems associated with the positioning of the device in the ward. The high power generator 32 kW, the microprocessor control panel and the choice of anatomical programs make the device multifunctional and convenient to use.

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Swivel or telescopic tripod

Due to the wide rotation angles and rotation of the tube, the apparatus is easy to install in the necessary projection for the study.

Motorized movement

Swivel front wheels make it easy to control the device while driving and position the device in the required position. The device is able to overcome slopes.


The small size and compactness in the transport position allow you to move the device in narrow spaces: corridors, rooms, elevators. At the same time, the device will easily approach the patient’s bed, even in small hospital rooms. The device in the variant of a telescopic tripod has a folding design of the emitter column in the transport position, this allows not to close the view for the laboratory assistant, which prevents collisions.

Microprocessor control panel

The microprocessor control panel with a convenient interface allows you to set shooting parameters, select anatomical programs and receive a report.

Rechargeable batteries

The presence of built-in rechargeable batteries allows research without searching for outlets, which reduces time and simplifies staff work. The battery charging process is carried out from a standard electric socket 220 V.

Anatomical programs

The ARES MС mobile ward X-ray allows you to choose research programs that are divided into several groups: by age, physique and anatomical study areas.

Choosing a complete set of X-ray apparatus

The ARES MС line makes it possible to select an X-ray based on the wishes of the customer. Optionally, the device is equipped with a remote control, collimator with double laser line and CR system. It is possible to additionally equip the apparatus with a computer radiography system

Upgrade to a digital device

At any time using the ARES MС, it can be upgraded to a fully digital version.

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