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Ares MR Angio - C-arm surgical X-ray system

C-arm for angiography Ares MR Angio provides great quality of image due to high power capacity of a generator (20 kW). In routine diagnostics it helps to examine the patients of different weight without lost image quality.

The system can take images from any angle and in 3 planes in accordance to C-arm mechanics.

As well as standard 9'' I.I. configuration, it is possible to make it 13'' I.I. This image intensifier allows to visualize an anatomic zone of larger area and suitable for hemodynamic and neurosurgeon studies.

X-ray unit has removable keyboard and remote control, which can be fixed to the angiography table enabling to control the system by means of one person.

Innovative and exclusive liquid cooling system with liquid-to-air heat exchanger. At the normal X-ray power the temperature of the X-ray assembly remains steady for an indefinite period of time.

All C-Arm movements are motorized. Its automatic movement speed depends on remote-control joysticks push-force.

Additional accumulators inventory allows to carry out the procedure in case of voltage jump and finish the angiography procedure and to record the data in case of sudden black-out.

Built-in radiation dosimeter enables to calculate patient radiation dosage quickly and precisely displaying the information on the screen and to print it.

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Ares MR Angio/Cardio

Mobile and high-power C-arm system used in angiography, traumatology, orthopedics.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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