Mammography system GAIA TOMO with digital tomosynthesis
Mammography system GAIA TOMO with digital tomosynthesis
Mammography system GAIA TOMO with digital tomosynthesis
Mammography system GAIA TOMO with digital tomosynthesis

Mammography system GAIA TOMO

With digital tomosynthesis

GAIA TOMO is a tomosynthesis system which receive 2D and 3D images of stunning quality that clearly display lesions and areas of interest, reducing the dose received by the patient, as with simple 2D mammography.


The mammography device is equipped with a high-frequency x-ray generator, an x-ray tube with a high-speed biangle tungsten anode and a direct conversion detector. The isocentric C-arm has fully motorized movements (vertical and rotational movement) and is equipped with two color touch screen displays.

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Digital tomosynthesis

Digital tomosynthesis produce three-dimensional images. Digital tomosynthesis avoids the overlapping structures in the image that are observed with conventional 2D mammography, which greatly improves the detection and characterization of breast lesions.

Three scan angles

A small scanning angle gets an image as quickly as possible with minimal discomfort for the patient. The average scan angle is a compromise to get superior image quality with a minimal dose. This mode is recommended for dense and medium sized mammary glands. A large scanning angle gives the highest resolution and allows you to clearly identify and focus on areas of interest. This mode is usually recommended for in-depth diagnosis and comprehensive analysis.

Amorphous Selenium Detector

Amorphous selenium detector provides digital imaging by high resolution direct conversion for 2D and tomosynthesis studies.

Special software

The mammograph is equipped with various software options depending on the needs of the user. The software for reconstructing 2D images from tomosynthesis images obtaining high-quality images without an additional image, thereby reducing the dose received by the patient. The software for highlighting areas with microcalcifications allows the mammologist to pay extra attention to areas in which the development of cancer cells is possible.

Various workplace options

For the convenience of work, various options for the laboratory workplace are provided. The workplace can be equipped with a touch screen with convenient controls, a choice of shooting modes, image manipulation. Also, the workplace can be equipped with a standard monitor with a keyboard. Both options are located behind x-ray transparent glass to ensure safety and protection against x-ray radiation.

Intelligent Compression System

The compression system provides optimal compression of the chest with minimal discomfort to the patient. Automatic adjustment of the optimal effort, which will be applied depending on the density of the studied breast.

Stereostatic biopsy system

For using stereostatic biopsy mammograph is equipped with an isocentric C-arm. All projections of the mammary gland are carried out without adjusting the height of the C-arm or moving the patient, which ensures patient comfort during the procedure.