Digital mammography system GAIA DIGITAL
Digital mammography system GAIA DIGITAL
Digital mammography system GAIA DIGITAL
Digital mammography system GAIA DIGITAL

Mammography system GAIA DIGITAL

For screening and diagnostic breast cancer

Gaia Digital is a full-field digital mammography system for screening and diagnostic breast cancer. A wide range of accessories for various types of research. The mammography device is equipped with a high-frequency x-ray generator, an x-ray tube with a high-speed tungsten biangular anode and a direct or indirect conversion detector. Motorized vertical and rotational movements (optional).


Gaia Digital is a full-format digital mammography system for screening and diagnosing breast cancer. Direct or indirect conversion detectors, an non-isocentric tripod or an isocentric tripod with a biopsy attachment allow you to select the system according to your requirements for screening or more in-depth studies. Motorized vertical and rotational movements.

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Different types of detectors

The basic version of the mammograph is equipped with a flat panel detector based on amorphous silicon (a-Si). A detector based on amorphous silicon allows you to obtain the optimal digital image without undue restrictions on the requirements for operation of the room and temperature. For professional solutions, it is possible to optionally equip a mammograph with a flat panel detector based on amorphous selenium (a-Se). Amorphous selenium is an advanced technological solution used to produce digital images with the highest signal to noise ratio.

Mammography filters combination

The combination of a tungsten anode and rhodium and silver filters in the x-ray tube of the Gaia Digital mammograph makes it possible to reduce the dose load on the patient and obtain high-quality images for mammary glands of various density and thickness. The system selects exposure parameters based on the actual breast density (pre-exposure) using the area digital detector or depending on the thickness of the mammary gland, which is especially important for obtaining reliable images for the breast with implants.

Mammographic C-arm

Mammographic C-arm can be isocentric (mainly comes with an attachment for stereostatic biopsy) or non-isocentric (if not planned to equip stereostatic). The vertical movement of the C-arm is motorized, optionally the motorized rotation of the C-arm.

Stereostatic biopsy system

For using stereostatic biopsy mammograph is equipped with an isocentric C-arm. All projections of the mammary gland are carried out without adjusting the height of the C-arm or moving the patient, which ensures patient comfort during the procedure.

Special software for various types of breasts

GAIA Digital is equipped with special software that guarantees excellent quality of diagnostic images through the use of filters for various types of breasts and noise reduction. The device has a set of filters designed even for breasts with implants, breasts with metal markers, anatomical parts or injuries after a vacuum biopsy.

Intelligent Compression 

The compression system provides optimal compression of the chest with minimal discomfort to the patient. Automatic adjustment of the optimal effort, which will be applied depending on the density of the studied breast.

Work station

The workstation is equipped with a protective glass to protect the operator from x-rays. Mounting the monitor near the glass gives more space on the work surface. The software with the remote control panel includes the following functions: image management and display (selection, viewing, manipulation, printing and sharing), use of a local patient database, DICOM 3.0.