Compact digital mammography system GAIA C
Compact digital mammography system GAIA C
Compact digital mammography system GAIA C
Compact digital mammography system GAIA C
Compact digital mammography system GAIA C
Compact digital mammography system GAIA C

Mammography system GAIA C

Compact digital mammograph

GAIA C is a compact digital mammograph with a workstation integrated in the tripod. Getting a full-format digital image. The presence of a laboratory assistant near the device during the procedure makes the mammography process calmer for the patient.


GAIA C is a unique compact digital mammography with a workstation integrated in the tripod. The safety and comfort of the patient during the procedure is ensured by the presence of a laboratory assistant next to the device. The large flat detector, a wide range of vertical movement and angle of rotation of the tripod make the device multifunctional and convenient to use. High quality of received images.

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Compact design

The GAIA C is a compact mammograph at a competitive price that makes the transition from analog equipment (with or without CR) to a digital system easier. Well-proven ergonomics ensure patient safety and comfort, while at the same time providing full operator support through the workstation integrated in the tripod. The monitor and control keyboard built into the tripod of the device. The functions of automatically marking the image and displaying the projection angle, compression force, thickness and lateral deformation of the compressed mammary gland are at the operator’s hand.

Different types of detectors

The basic version of the mammograph is equipped with a flat panel detector based on amorphous silicon (a-Si). A detector based on amorphous silicon allows you to obtain the optimal digital image without undue restrictions on the requirements for operation of the room and temperature. For professional solutions, it is possible to optionally equip a mammograph with a flat panel detector based on amorphous selenium (a-Se). Amorphous selenium is an advanced technological solution used to produce digital images with the highest signal to noise ratio.

Stereostatic biopsy system

For using stereostatic biopsy mammograph is equipped with an isocentric C-arm. All projections of the mammary gland are carried out without adjusting the height of the C-arm or moving the patient, which ensures patient comfort during the procedure.

Special software for various types of breasts

The GAIA C mammograph is equipped with special software that guarantees excellent quality of diagnostic images through the use of filters for various types of breasts and noise reduction. The device has a set of filters designed even for breasts with implants, breasts with metal markers, anatomical parts or injuries after a vacuum biopsy.

Intelligent Compression 

The compression system provides optimal compression of the chest with minimal discomfort to the patient. Automatic adjustment of the optimal effort, which will be applied depending on the density of the studied breast.

Dose reduction for breasts with implants

The system selects exposure parameters based on the actual breast density (pre-exposure), using the area of a digital detector or depending on the thickness of the breast, which is especially important for obtaining reliable images for breasts with implants.

Smart and cost-effective solution

Gaia Analogue can be used to perform accurate diagnoses at a much reduced operating cost. This is a fully operational, conveniently priced unit that radiologists use to acquire high quality images while achieving an optimal workflow. The system seamlessly integrates state of the art technology and a modern ergonomic design which emphasizes ease of use and easy access for all maintenance and servicing needs.

Intelligent Compression System

Motor-driven adjustable force and manual compression by means of a double rotary control, ensures optimal compression of the breast with minimal discomfort to the patient. Based on the specifc density of the breast to be examined, the exclusive function automatically adjusts the optimal force to be applied.

Software and control panel

The microprocessor-controlled automatic exposure meter is calibrated with the advanced software. Installation is extremely simple and quick. The LCD graphic display shows the exposure parameters, alarm messages, the Average Glandular Dose (AGD) of each exposure and the level of thermal units of the X-ray tube.

Biopsy device

Gaia Analogue is also available in the biopsy version equipped with an isocentric C-arm which allows all the projections to be carried out without having to move the patient. The isocentric rotation eliminates the need to adjust the height of the C-arm by changing the projection angle. The motorized rotation of the C-arm on the projections +/- 15° with respect to the support surface is done using the dedicated buttons.

Two sizes of Potter Bucky

There are two diferent tables (18x24 or 24x30 cm format) with carbon fber grid, complete of ID labels. Tables are perfectly interchangeable. Gaia can be provided with an automatic collimator. In this case the mammography unit is able to detect the table size (18x24 or 24x30 cm) and to automatically select the proper collimation feld.

Fully motorized C-arm

Optionally supplied with motorized rotation of C-Arm (pre-selectable and fne adjustment angles).

Geometric magnification

A geometric magnifcation device (1,5x or 2x) can be supplied as an option. Without an anti-difusion grid, it signifcantly reduces the dose. Once inserted, a detection system automatically selects the small focus and adjusts the collimation set-up.

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