ICU Ventilator MythoVent
ICU Ventilator MythoVent
ICU Ventilator MythoVent
ICU Ventilator MythoVent

ICU Ventilator MythoVent

With Invasive and NIV

ICU Ventilator MythoVent with Invasive and NIV, advanced monitoring of respiratory mechanics and gas analysis.

ICU Ventilator MythoVent with Invasive and NIV, advanced monitoring of respiratory mechanics and gas analysis

12” TFT Display

High-resolution, 12.1” TFT screen with rotational knob, suitable for long-term ICU operation. Color coded display for numerical parameters, graphics, loops, trends, alarms and system messages.

Comprehensive selection of Ventilation modes

  • Ventilation of all patient groups, including neonates (from 3 kg of weight). All main modes of controlled, assisted mechanical ventilation and support of spontaneous breathing.
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation.
  • Wide spectrum of Ventilation Modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, PRVC, SIMV-PRVC, СРАР/PSV, Duophasic/PSV, APRV+ PSV, Volume support (VS), Apnoe Back up VCV and PCV. Noninvasive ventilation with NIV mask: NIV/PC and NIV/CPAP+PS. Manual Breath and Sigh.
  • Tidal Volume from 20 ml in VCV/SIMV. Trigger sensitivity from 0.5 l/min. Inspiratory time from 0,1 sec. Rise time, expiratory sensitivity and other settings for better synchronization.

Pulseoximetry and Capnography

Graphical monitoring with waveforms and loops as standard, single display. Waveform configuration option, including capnography (EtCO2) and plethysmography (SpO2). Color coding of the phases of the respiratory cycle and trigger activity. Advanced digital monitoring of respiratory mechanics. Configuration for up to 3 loops, with recalling, analysis and storage of reference loops and saved loops, as well as inflection point calculation (LIP,HIP) for P/V loop. Capnography and pulse oximetry monitoring expands the capabilities of the ventilation and allows to quickly assess the effectiveness of ventilation and oxygenation.

Compact & lightweight

  • Compact and lightweight (weights less than 13 kg). Can be mounted in a trolley, as well as on shelves, wall or ceiling consoles. Two side handles for comfortable transportation and positioning of a breathing circuit support arm.
  • The built-in battery provides more than 90 minutes of autonomous operation.
  • Pneumatically powered via a central gas supply connection or with an standalone compressor.
  • Compressor available in two versions – economy and premium. 

Easy management

Intuitive, friendly menu. Touch controls allow to quickly set the ventilation mode and trend display. Customization for modes and settings (e.g.: Tinsp. or I:E). Quick-start settings according to IBW (calculated according to anthropometric data, gender of the patient. The integrated IBW (ideal patient weight) calculation sets the selected mode with age and weight specific settings and corresponding alarm limits. Quick start option for storage and recall of settings applied to last patient.

User-friendly testing

Automatic device check performed during startup. Automatic circuit compliance and leakage testing. Storage of test results. Visual hints with icons for error-free testing. Optional test skipping for emergency ventilation cases.

Nebulizer and Suction maneuver

Built-in "special clinical tools". Pneumatic nebulizer with mode setting. Maneuvers for suction, inspiratory and expiratory hold. FiO2 setting for the suction maneuver (for pre- and post-suction procedures). Intrinsic PEEP (iPEEP) and Static Compliance (CStat) calculation and data storage.

Reusable flow sensor and expiratory valve

Reusable expiratory assembly, which can be reprocessed/sterilized with medical graded disinfectant solutions. Autoclavable flow sensor and diaphragm expiratory valve. Thanks to the backup set for the expiratory assembly (supplied with the starter kit), the ventilator can be continuously used during the cleaning process, and the need of purchasing service kits can be delayed for at least 2 years.