ENT treatment unit
Ergos 50
ENT treatment unit
Ergos 50

ENT unit Ergos 50

The art of ENT treatment

Ergos 50 is a computerised ENT unit with diagnostic and treatment modules combined in a single house. Thanks to the built-in microprocessor, ENT unit can be retrofitted with additional software modules to a multifunctional ENT center. Ergos 50 is controlled by a touch screen monitor. Modular furniture can be added to the Ergos 50 in accordance with particular requirements, available space and budget to create an ergonomic ENT suite.


New generation ENT treatment unit Ergos 50 with built-in microprocessor. It is controlled by a colour touch-screen 10.4” monitor. Ergonomics and functionality in one body: divided tool trays with illumination; storage boxes with adjustable stainless dividers and two large drawers for waste and used tools. All functions in one body. A dual-level wide worktop.

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Pivoted dashboard with instrument cables

Pivoted dashboard with 6 holders for the main instruments and IR cable management system provides maximum ease of use. The integrated ENT devices are automatically activated by means of infrared sensors when the handpieces are removed from their holders. Multi-colored led backlight indicates the redy to use of the tools.

The panel is located along the unit body, cables are located in its own individual compartment. Thanks to this, the cables are not confused and not touched by the staff and patients. Behind the dashboard there are shelves for additional equipment.

Built-in microprocessor

Integrated functions by choice. The integrated Diagnostic Centre allows the addition of:

  • LED stroboscope
  • Tympanometer
  • Rhinomanometer
  • Audiometer mode
  • Frenzel nystagmus glasses
  • Sinus echography
  • HD video endoscopy integrated camera
  • Video otoscope
  • Nasopharyngolaryngoscope

Integrated microprocessor allows the centralised storage of images, videos and patient data and transfer them via USB connector to external media.

Pivoted control console with touch screen monitor

The inegrated touch-screen console doubles as a control functions and monitor for viewing camera images and diagnostic scans. User-friendly software allows central operation of the function. Patient explanation is simplified thanks to the anatomy picture library and video to distract children during manipulation.

The monitor size is 10.4".

Warm water irrigation system

Ergos 50 ENT unit is equipped with warm water irrigation system. It's used for ear syringing and caloric testing (Nistagmus test). Preset temperature modes, comfortable for the body: 33°C /37°C / 44°C.

Powerfull suction system

Suction system with regulated power up to 70 l/min. There are two ways of secretion discharge:

  • Secretion receptacle with overflow valve for suction system
  • SECRET-O-MAT automatic secretion discharge system for suction system. Direct discharge to sewerage system.

Built-in functions available as an option:

  • Built-in system with water nipple for rinsing suction hose
  • Small basin with irrigation & discharge for clearing blocked suction tubes, mirrors and other instruments.

Brand style Ergos 50

Thanks to it's unique design Ergos 50 has a compact design that gives ergonomic placement for all instruments and devices, combined in a single case under the single worktop. A dual-level worktop is available in scratch and stain resistant coloured glass, Marlan synthetic granite and a Thermopal laminate. The Ergos 50 can be combined with a selection of matching furniture in a variety of colours and styles to form a complete ENT suite. Safe facades and worktop surfaces, no sharp edges - a good reason when working with children.

For good hygiene regulations, the Ergos 50 has smooth design without handles, knobs and buttons. The unit equipped with push-to-open drawers, which means the drawers can be made completely flush. This makes it easier to keep the drawers clean and thus improving hygiene.