Cetus I. ENT microscope
Cetus I. ENT microscope

Cetus I. ENT microscope

Ease and convenience

The Cetus I microscope combines ease and convenience of adjustment and positioning accuracy. Excellent illumination with a bright high contrast red reflex and high quality apochromatic optics for deep stereoscopic images in natural colors. The microscope is suitable for both diagnostic and surgery.


The CETUS surgical microscopes provide advanced technologies, nice-looking modern design, high-quality German optics and powerful lightning systems. The microscope configuration is flexibly adapted to the doctor’s specific professional needs. The CETUS microscopes are reliable and easy handling for everyday routine operations.

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Light source

The Cetus I microscope is equipped with a light source depending on the doctor preferences: a powerful halogen light source 150 W or LED 50 W, provide even illumination of the object, and a new innovative optical system gives a clear and high-quality picture. Apochromatic optic reduces the probability of image aberration, provides a high level of contrast, full color reproduction with maximum focal depth.

Universal mount types

Any option of integration into the operating theater or examination room. The mounting option is selected depending on the cabinet demensions. The perfect arrangement and balance of all ENT microscope units provide ease of control and maneuverability.


It's possible to have the following:

  • 3-step magnification changer
  • 5-step magnification changer
  • ZOOM 1:6 magnification changer

Depends on budget and doctor's whishes.

The control of the microscope

Depending on the budget, options with manual control or fully motorized control can be offered. In the case of the motorized version, the microscope is controlled by a pedal totally. 

Options & Accessories

You can choose the assistent microscope with straight tube or inclined at 45 degrees.