Cetus II. Colposcope for the gynecological
Cetus II. Colposcope for the gynecological

Cetus II. Colposcope

Expert class

The Cetus II – is a reliable and convenient colposcope of expert class, specially designed for the needs of routine daily gynecological examinations with successful diagnosis and treatment. Ergonomic design offers for the users comfortable work all day long.

The CETUS colposcopes provide advanced technologies, nice-looking modern design, high-quality German optics and powerful lightning systems. The colposcope configuration is flexibly adapted to the doctor’s specific professional needs. The CETUS colposcopes are reliable and easy handling for everyday routine gynecological examinations.

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German quality optics

High quality apochromatic optics give crystal clear three dimension images, deep stereoscopic images in natural colors, high precise diagnosis and treatment.

Light source

The Cetus II colposcope is equipped with a light source depending on the doctor preferences: a powerful halogen light source or LED. Even illumination of the object, clear and high-quality picture.

Universal mount types

Mobile stand has a fifth-castors base. With various holders, the Cetus II can be mounted on the left or right hand side of all common examination chairs.

Modular system

The modular system offers to adapt your colposcope to the certain application. You can choose: 3-step or 5-step magnification changer, straight or inclined at 45 degrees tube.

Oculars with the reticule crosshair are available. It gives easier aiming at the object and allows you to estimate the size of an object.

Swing-in green filter

Green filter increases the tissues contrast and gives better vessels visualisation.

Options & Accessories

The software simplifies the routine work of a gynaecologist. It allows you to maintain a database of patients, store photos and videos for their subsequent processing (making comments with the results of studies). Several images can be displayed simultaneously on the screen and thus track the development of the disease or the results of treatment. For convenience, the software can be equipped with a foot control pedal.