Anaesthesia workstation Maja X45
Anaesthesia workstation Maja X45

Anaesthesia workstation Maja X45

For adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

Anaesthesia workstation Maja X45 for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients for semi open, semi closed and Low-Flow anesthesia.

Anaesthesia workstation Maja X45 for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients for semi open, semi closed and Low-Flow anesthesia.

Trolley extended functionality

The basic equipment of the trolley already has an extended equipment for the work of an anesthesiologist. Three-gas version (O2, AIR, N2O). Base for two Selectatec Interlock vaporisers. Rails on both sides for mounting the patient monitor and PC. Two cylinder yoke for two backup cylinders O2 and N2O. ACGO switch. Three built-in 120/220V medical auxiliary electrical outlets for additional equipment. LED illumination of the working table and mechanical flowmeters. The central brake locks all 4 wheels with one pedal (optional on request). Anesthesiologist's footrest. Built-in battery for 90 minutes. Two large drawers. Built-in VGA and USB ports.

Low flow anesthesia

Pneumatic drive of the ventilator, mechanical rotameters, any vaporisers. Ventilator drives from Compressed oxygen or Air with automatic switching when the main gas is turned off. Two-tube mechanical rotameters for each gas (O2, AIR, N2O) allow precise dosing of the fresh gas flow even with Low-Flow anesthesia. Base for two Selectatec Interlock vaporisers. On anesthetics: Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halotane, Enflurane. 

For adults, children and newborns

An expanded package of software options for ventilation modes is already installed in the basic version. Controlled, assisted ventilation, spontaneous ventilation with pressure support. Sensitive pressure and flow trigger ventilates even newborns. VCV, PCV, SIMV-PC, SIMV-VC, CPAP / PSV and manual). Apnea back mode selectable by VCV / PCV. Tidal volume from 20 ml in volume modes and sensitive trigger from 0.5 l / min.

Color touch 10.4”screen MASIMO® Gas AA/SpO2

Spirometry and gas monitoring. Touch display allows you to monitor and control all ventilation modes and analyze spirometry as well as gas monitoring of the patient. Color touch screen 10.4 ”display. Three types of curves, two or three types of loops, capnography and plethysmogram curves, curves of anesthetics and nitrous oxide. Graphic and tabular 24 hours trends of monitored values. Available gas monitoring options: capnography at the user's choice in the side stream, in the main stream from MASIMO®, multi-gas analysis (О2, СО2, N2O, 5 AA) in the main and side stream from MASIMO®, pulse oximetry in standard and expert quality using MASIMO SET® technology.

Wide range of options and accessories

Options and consumables at an affordable price with the possibility of delivery and installation already in operation. Pneumatic Ventury driven aspirator with compressed gas operation, Auxiliary oxygen flowmeterwith humidification, any type of Selectatec type vaporisers, anesthetic gas removal system - passive (PVC hose) and AGSS (active with central vacuum operation), patient circuit holder, holder for patient monitors, various patient circuits , masks and bacterial filters, test lung.

Autoclavable breathing system with BYPASS

Ergonomic integrated breathing circuit autoclavable after disassembly. Built-in BYPASS system, which allows hermetically changing the adsorber without stopping the automatic ventilation. Heated circuit, compact additional watertrap after the exhalation circuit. Fully autoclavable breathing circuit (including reusable flow sensors, fur, valves and absorber canister). Hook for breathing circuits. APL (Adjustable pressure-limiting) valve. Airway pressure gauge. Infrared sensor. When absorber canister is taken away the infrared sensor will send a signal to ventilator and activate an alarm.

Optional advanced patient monitoring

Patient monitoring. Optionally, in addition to integrated gas monitoring (multigas, capnography and pulse oximetry), a patient monitor with basic and advanced parameters is supplied, mounted on a swivel bracket on either side of the anesthesiology machine.

Medical air compressor

Medical compressor. The pneumatic drive from the compressed gas allows the ventilator to operate from a centralized wiring of both oxygen and air with automatic switching of the supply gas, with a decrease in pressure or gas shutdown. A compact, silent, medical compressor with an optional watertrap in the air line is optionally available for backup from the air. Two types of compressor: Economy and Premium class.