Application training on ICU ventilators
Application training on ICU ventilators

Application training on ICU ventilators

On 6 August, 2014 an application training on the ICU ventilators MythoVent and Bellavista was held in Mariinsky City Hospital of St. Petersburg as part of MSW Academy educational project.


Location:St. Petersburg, Russia

Topic:Application training on ICU ventilators

Target audience:Anaesthesiologists and Experts in Resuscitation

On 6 August 2014 application training on ICU ventilators was held at the Mariinsky City Hospital of St. Petersburg. The event was organized by specialists of MS Westfalia GmbH as part of the educational project MSW Academy.

During the training, our experts talked about the unique technologies used in the ICU ventilators and demonstrated their functionality and choice of settings and modes. For Bellavista ventilator doctors especially noted convenient touch screen, an extended set of monitoring parameters, ease of making changes to ventilation settings. For MythoVent ventilator the main focus was on patient monitoring, especially the function of measuring invasive blood pressure, which is most important in the CCU.

After the training the units were transferred for approbation to the cardiac care unit and general intensive care unit.

MS Westfalia GmbH thanks all the participants for their interest in our company and the products that we present.

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