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Ares MC Digital - mobile X-ray unit (CE Pending)

Ares MC Digital is a light yet robust portable X-ray system with integrated DR X-ray detector. Due to unique construction of the unit it is easily transferred to the transport position, the size and weight make it possible to transport it in any passenger car.

Generator power up to 6 kW allows obtaining high quality images of any anatomical area of even extra large-size patients, including the abdomen and chest.

The entire design follows the principles of mobility and lightweight construction with predominantly aluminium components, the use of modern plastics and some stainless steel components for parts under static stress.

The system can be set up to be ready for use in less than two minutes (bringing the C-arm in a working condition and loading workstation data).

Due to the system’s excellent protective lead shield, the housing radiation leakage is minimal, reducing the controlled area during the X-ray process to as little as 1.5 m.

Mechanism design and strength of materials allow to transport and use the system in extreme conditions.

The professional image acquisition software excels through an intuitive and well-designed graphic user interface. Examinations are conveniently conducted at the monitor and any necessary adjustments of the X-ray parameters are automatically passed on the generator.

In relation to its size, Ares MC Digital performs a very high shot frequency due to the high output power of the X-ray tube. Under full load it produces up to six images per minute – a leading performance for such units.

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