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    VT-10 - phoropters

    • Compact design
    • Easy to operate
    • Wide measuring ranges
    • Convergence system

    The Topcon VT-10 phoropter is equipped with a cross cylinder that automatically rotates in conjunction with the set cylinder axis. Special gearing automatically synchronises the rotation of the loupe each time you change cylinder axis correction.

    A convergence system in the Topcon VT-10 phoropter allows natural conditions for near testing.

    The coating of the lenses in the VT-10 elimates flare, ghost images and reflections. The multi coated assure clearer, brighter images with improved contrast.

    Product information


    Vision Tester

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    Item and range of measurement

    The value in ( ) is with accessory lens or auxiliary lens attached


    0 to –19.00D in 0.25D step (0.12D step)


    0 to +16.75D in 0.25D step (0.12D step)


    0 to –6.00D (– 8.00D) in 0.25D step (0.12D step)


    ±0.25D (±0.37D and ±0.50D as option)


    20∆ to 0 to 20∆ by 1∆ step

    Inner 40∆

    Outer 40∆ (50∆)

    UpwardandDownward 40∆ (46∆)

    Nearvision test

    Main optical axes of both lenses converges by means of a tilt mechanism at 40cm in front of the eyes at 64mm P.D. If P.D. for far vision is less than 54mm, converging operation stops.

    Binocularbalance test

    Rotary prism and polarizing lens methods are available.


    48 to 75mm by 1mm step

    Level adjustment

    More than 4.5° for right and left banks


    335 (at 64mm P.D. setting) x 97 x294mm


    4.5 kg

    Content of auxiliary lens dial

    “O/O” – Open Aperture

    “R” – Retinoscopic Lens: + 1.50D standard; + 2.00D option

    “P” – Polarizing filter

    “WMV/RMV” – Maddox Rod, vertical: white (left); red (right)

    “WMH/RMH” – Maddox Rod, horizontal: white (left); red (right)

    “GL” – Green Lens (left)

    “RL” – Red Lens (right)

    “+.12” - + 0.12D Spherical

    “PH” – Pin Hole

    “10 l” – 10 Diopter Prism Base In (left)

    “6 U” – 6 Diopter Prism Base Up (right)

    “±.50” – ± 0.50D Fixed Cross Cylinder

    “OC” – Occluder

    Plus and minus cylinder models available, also the choice of color – black or light grey.

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