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Floyd 9000 - Vital signs monitor (CE Pending)

As a consequence of the evolutionary development of the monitor Floyd 8000, Floyd 9000 model has a more powerful functionality, memory (1800 events, 1000 NIBP), has a high-capacity battery and a display with wide screen (12.1 inches) and the function of touch-screen. The model Floyd 9000 retains all the advantages of the model Floyd 8000, with only a minimal difference in price.

The monitor can be equipped with capnography, measurement of cardiac output, IBP 2 channels, and multi analysis, which makes possible to use the device in resuscitation and intensive care, as well as in anesthesia care.

The user can choose different types of measuring EtCO2 - Side Strem, Main Stream, Micro Stream. 2 options available measuring the concentration of anesthetic gases: Main Stream and Side Stream, both - with automatic identification of the measured anesthetic.

The monitor measures the cardiac output (CO) in a non-invasive method (impedance cardiography).

Offers a full range of sizes for NIBP cuff, as well as accessories for different types of monitor mount: on a trolley, wall console, the patient's bed, built-in thermal printer.

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The only ICU Station worldwide with ventilation and associated collateral vital signs parameter monitoring

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