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    CV-5000 - phoropters

    Topcon’s CV-5000, automated phoropter, sets quality standards. Fast lens rotation provides comfort for user and patient. Compact and contemporary design enhances the professional image of the practitioner. Thanks to the compact design of the phoropter, the refractionist can monitor the patient’s expression during refraction. To perform near tests, near chart illumination is incorporated into the CV-5000.

    • CV-5000
    • Compact design
    • Fast lens rotation
    • Comportable operation
    • Near chart LED illumination
    • KB-50S
    • Large 10.4” LCD touch screen
    • Dial operation
    • Sales support functions
    • User friendly interface
    • IMAGEnet i-base connection

    Through the use of the KB-50S control panel the operator can control all functions of the CV-5000PRO automatic phoroptor head. The KB-50S is equipped with a large colour LCD touch screen display, providing the best overview on refraction results in the market. Personal settings like sreen lay out and modus operandi can be defined. The sales support function helps you to visualize your lens advice with animations.

    The CV-5000 can be operated through a PC. A unique operating system allows the operator to use his own PC hardware. The lay out of the user interface ensures a good overview of the refraction data.

    A tablet can be used as a versatile controller for the CV-5000PRO. The wireless operation offers a more flexible workspace. The i-Pad, or another tablet PC can be used for other non-Topcon applications as well.

    The Topcon CC-100XP is a LCD chart system which incorporates all important visual acuity tests, binocular tests, colour vision test and contrast sensitivity tests.

    • High quality 22” LCD screen
    • 100% polarization
    • Wide range of optotypes
    • Virtually unlimited test charts
    • Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test
    • White Maddox LED light source
    • MKH test sequence according to Haase
    • WiFi & usb connection

    Product information


    Automated Vision Tester

    Learn more


    Range of measurement

    Sphere -27.00D ~ +27.00D (0.25D / 3.00D step)

    Cylinder -8.00D ~ +8.00D (0.25D / 0.50D step)

    Axis of astigmatism 0° ~ 180° (1° / 5° step)


    0 ~ 20∆ (0.1∆ / 0.5∆ / 0.1∆)

    Neardistance examination

    Optical axis of both lenses converge mechanically at 40cm / 67cm in front of eyes.

    Binocularbalance test

    Rotary prism, Polarized filters and red-green filters

    Cross cylinder

    Jackson cylinder ±0.25D or ±0.50D

    Topcon cylinder ±0.25D


    48mm ~ 80mm (0.5mm / 1.0mm step)

    Visual field



    12.00mm / 13.75mm / 16.00mm / 18.00mm / 20.00mm



    Max: 328(W) x 261(H) x 115(D) mm, 4.0 kg


    Max: 300(W) x 250(H) x 200(D) mm, 2.3 kg

    Compact Power supply

    276(W) x 197(H) x 117(D) mm, 3.9 kg

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