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Ares MR Angio FP – C-arm system with a flat-panel detector

The dynamic flat panel detector is used as a full-length receptor, size up to 30x30 cm, high-quality images in a digital format.

Recording rate up to 30 frames per second

Due to the compact size of the flat panel detector focal length is increased and is more than 100 cm.

Additional accumulators inventory allows to carry out the procedure in case of voltage jump and finish the angiography procedure and to record the data in case of sudden black-out.

Innovative and exclusive liquid cooling system with liquid-to-air heat exchanger. At the normal X-ray power the temperature of the X-ray assembly remains steady for an indefinite period of time.

All C-Arm movements are motorized. Its automatic movement speed depends on remote-control joysticks push-force.

Provides great quality images due to high power capacity of the generator (20 kW).

Built-in shock sensor warns contact of a tube or a receiver with an obstacle: when a critical distance is achieved first of all there is a beep sound, and then the C-arm begins to move in the opposite direction.

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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