Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0
Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0
Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0
Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0
Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0
Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0

Examination lamp BLANC Q / Q+ / Q0

For diagnostics and minor surgery

The LED examination lamps. Have a number of advantages over conventional lamp. Can be used for diagnostics and minor surgery.

LED Examination diagnostic lights are suitable almost to any field of medicine. High-intensity LEDs give a bright homogeneous light without IR radiation, that guarantees a comfortable temperature in the work area. A high colour rendering index (CRI) allows the doctor to make the right decisions in a short time. Modern design, reliability and easy handling.

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Universal application

Field of application: diagnostics, cosmetology, dentistry, minor surgery, intensive care, postoperative recovery rooms.


  • LED's give IR-free light beam, that assures no added heat in the operating area. Thus, more comfortable conditions for doctors are available.
  • Colour temperature 4500 K.
  • Guaranteed average life for LEDs is 50 000 hrs for the Q and Q+ lamps. The Q0 has up to 60 000 hrs.

Lighting and colour rendering index

The maximum lightning at the centre:

  • Q = 65 000 lux (85.000 lux with BOOST function) Q+ = up to 77 000 lux
  • Q0 = 110 000 lux

Colour rendering index Ra:

  • Q / Q+ = 95
  • Q0 = 97

Light field dimension 

It grants a uniform distribution of light and can focus the light beam with a perfect illumination both on the surface and in depth.

Light field dimension:

  • Q+ = 22-31 cm (d10) / 12-16 cm (d50)
  • Q0 = 22-32 cm

Ergonomic design

The Easy-to-move construction is suitable for vast fields of use. Handy grip can be removed and sterilized, that meets the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological norms and rules.

Touch control panel

The round shape of the lamp allows to put control buttons directly on it. Touch panel controls all the funtions of the lamp:

  • On/Off
  • Light intensity adjustment
  • BOOST function
  • Focus and field diameter adjustment

Mounting types

The Q / Q+ / Q0 lamps can be fixed on wall, ceiling, and trolley mounting. Trolley mounting can be with built-in battery. The ceiling mountig can have the double satellite lamp.

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