Operating lamp BLANC Q5
Operating lamp BLANC Q5

Operating lamp BLANC Q5

Quality and strength

The Q5 operating lamp is based on advanced technologies using LEDs. It meets the surgeons needs in unparalleled quality of light. High level reliability and mechanical strength.

LED Operating diagnostic lights are used as the main or auxiliary light source in the operating theatre. High-intensity LEDs give a bright homogeneous light without IR radiation, that guarantees a comfortable temperature in the work area. A high colour rendering index (CRI) allows surgeons to make the right decisions in a short time. The lamp design promotes the smooth passage of laminar flows. Lamps meet the requirements of reliability and easy handling.

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The white light produced by LEDs does not have an IR spectrum, so the temperature in the operating field does not increase, and there is no heating of the surgeon's head. This creates more comfortable working conditions for medical staff. Guaranteed average life for LEDs is 50 000 hrs 

Lighting and colour rendering index

The maximum lightning at the centre up to 160 000 (optional). White light improves colour reproduction, which increases the contrast of the image and the perception of the depth of space. Colour rendering index Ra = 95. Colour temperature is 4500 K. Colour temperature adjustment in the range function is available . The light adapter (adjustment knob located in the center of the dome) is used for the range of the light field and the working distance adjustment.

Integration into laminar flows

The design of the lamp is the main central reflector and 5 additional reflectors located around it. 43 LEDs in total. The round shape with a smooth contour of reflectors promotes shadowless illumination of the operating field, as well as the smooth passage of laminar flows.

ENDO function

This function gives a particular light beam coming from the upper part of the lamp. Suitable for minimal-invasive surgery and is ideal for the monitoring of the patient and microscope operations. When this function is enabled, the LEDs on the top of the lamp will turn on only.

Options & accessories

The video system will allow you to display the image on an external monitor. Medical staff can monitor the progress of the operation, which facilitates the process of assisting. The camera can be both integrated wired and wireless. The control unit can be carried out both from the manual console and from the wall panel.

Mounting types

The Q5 lamps can be fixed on ceiling mounting. The ceiling mountig can have the double satellite lamp.

Touch control panel

Touch panel controls all the funtions of the lamp:

  • On/Off 
  • Light intensity adjustment 
  • Lightning depth 
  • ENDO function 
  • Focus and field diameter adjustment.

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