About us

We are driven by our passion to save lives and improve life quality. Our main goal is to meet the challenges the doctors worldwide are facing, improving patients’ experience at the same time.

MS Westfalia GmbH

Founded in 1995 and driven by the passion to save lives MS Westfalia GmbH soon developed the partnership with the world leading medical brands, and started its own R&D and production of the high-end medical equipment, fighting for the world’s better healthcare and innovation. Our „never-stop“ philosophy and the continuous collaboration with the experienced doctors, leading hospitals, medical universities and research institutions allow us to create the cutting-edge medical technology.

Experience and successful partnership

For over 25 years MSW equipment is highly evaluated and installed in more than 2000 hospitals all over the world. We provide our customers with the full support during installation, warranty and post-warranty repairs, MSW offers technical trainings for distributors' engineers and service personnel at hospitals. We support our partners at all stages of the product promotion, including organization and joined participation in promotional activities of our products together with our distributors, e.g. trainings, workshops, approbation, congresses, symposiums and exhibitions.