Full scan UBM 
SW-3200, Suoer
Full scan UBM 
SW-3200, Suoer

Full scan UBM SW-3200, Suoer

High frequency probe for UBM scanning

Portable ultrasound ophthalmic B scan with high frequency probe for UBM scanning. The platform connects directly to an external PC via USB port, so the user has no limitation on the received images size - it all depends on the external monitor size.

Ophthalmic ultrasound B-scan with a portable work platform that connected to PC directly. It allows you to increase the volume of stored information and survey results. The device allows you to get a high-quality 2D images of the eye anterior chamber structures and to detect pathologies. User-friendly interface for maximum ease of use.

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UBM probe

  • Analisis and Diagnosis of Glaucoma. Detailed visualisation of the eye anterior segment structures icluding the anterior angle chamber.
  • The posterior chamber ICL lenses calculation. Sulcus-to-sulcus measurement - more precise than white-to-white.
  • Refraction and Cataract. Visualisation of the IOL placement.


You can meashure parameters: anterior chamber depth, anterior chamber angle, cornea thikness, lens size. Points are put manually by operator and parameters are calculated automatically.

External PC- your freedom

You can save the video loops and individual B-scans. Analysis of the obtained images: measurement of distances between two points, calculation of the selected area, angles, comments. Ability to create reports in pdf and word formats. Convenient and easy data import / export with external media (USB flash).